08 April 2021

IFRS Foundation set to introduce substantial update to its website

In January, the IFRS Foundation announced the intention to introduce changes to its online offering that represented a first step in the overhaul of its future digital experience.

We’re pleased to confirm that the first of these changes will be undertaken this coming weekend in the form of a substantial update to our website. 

The updated website will bring together content from its three existing sites—ifrs.org, archive.ifrs.org and eifrs.org—into a single, unified user experience. As such, it responds to feedback received from our discussions with stakeholders and presents a modern platform on which to build further innovations.

The updated site will look similar to the current site, but it will provide improved search and customisation options. We are also introducing a new IFRS Standards Navigator that includes features and tools to enhance access to IFRS Standards and related information. 

These changes will be taking place over the weekend of 10-11 April 2021. Some downtime should be expected.

Public access to the archive website will be discontinued once the changes go live, while access to the legacy eIFRS platform will continue until the end of 2021.

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