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In addition to the content we provide on this site, we offer a broad range of products and premium services to support the widespread adoption and implementation of IFRS Standards. These services include printed and digital editions of the IFRS Foundation's major works and subscription options to eIFRS, the electronic content hub for all IFRS Standards and related documents. Our subscription and most popular publication options are outlined below. 

Subscriber newsletter

You can also read the latest eIFRS Subscriber Newsletter to discover some of the unique features of the service and how to get the most out of your subscription. Issue 2 also contains a spotlight feature on IFRS 17, an eIFRS Professional video guide, information on the IFRS Foundation conference and the eIFRS Comprehensive Subscription. 

The latest Spanish version Issue 3 is now available, with information on what's new on eIFRS, a spotlight on IFRS 17 and a link to a how-to animation helping you to navigate eIFRS Professional.

If you have any questions, please email the Customer Services Team or call us on +44 (020) 7246 6410.


eIFRS Comprehensive

The premium subscription service from the IFRS Foundation. This print and online service enables users to work with the Standards online via eIFRS Professional, in addition to receiving printed copies of all publications issued during the year of the subscription.

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eIFRS Professional

 eIFRS Professional

The exclusive online source for authoritative, annotated versions of IFRS Standards, Interpretations, due process and thousands of other supporting documents accessible through our publication library which dates back to 1975.

A unique Standards Comparison tool shows the differences between the Standards as effective for the current year, last year and next year.

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Major publications bundle

Our four major works sold together as a bundle, which currently includes:

Required IFRS® Standards 2019 (Blue Book): all IFRS Standards required for accounting periods beginning on 1 January 2019.

Issued IFRS® Standards 2019 (Red Book): the most recent versions of all issued IFRS Standards, including Standards that come into force in the future, but not Standards that have been superseded or replaced.

Annotated Required IFRS® Standards 2019 and Annotated Issued IFRS® Standards 2019 (PDF edition): the same core content as Required IFRS Standards and Issued IFRS Standards, as well as further explanatory material to help you understand and apply IFRS Standards.

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eIFRS SpanishServicio NIIF Premium

This subscription service includes complete access to eIFRS Professional in addition to receiving printed copies of all available publications issued in Spanish throughout the year of the subscription. The current publications include Normas NIIF® Ilustradas—Requeridas (Annotated Blue Book in Spanish) and Normas NIIF® Ilustradas—Emitidas (Annotated Red Book in Spanish).

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Translated IFRS Standards 2018

Other languages

Official translations of IFRS Standards and related materials are available in a wide variety of languages. Find out more on our dedicated translations page on our IFRS Shop.

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Other services

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License our products and services

Are you interested in licensing our key IFRS Standards texts or access to eIFRS Professional for the members of your Institution?

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Looking to adopt
the Standards?

Learn about the translation and adoption process, methods of adoption and how to adopt IFRS Standards by jurisdiction.

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Attend a Conference or Workshop

As part of its Education Initiative the IFRS Foundation co-ordinates and partners with other leading financial organisations to provide numerous conferences, workshops, seminars and presentations each year.

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